Camping Trip: The Rest

It’s been awhile and I’ve got some ground to make up. My original plan was to post three times about our camping trip over the summer. The first post, about Amelia Island, was written relatively quickly. The other two didn’t happen because I got busy and life got in the way. What I’m going to do is make a quick post combing the meat of what would have been the other two and close out the summer. There’s other things I want to write about. Here it goes!

After Amelia Island it was off to Jekyll. The whole island is a state park and a $6 fee is required for entry.

ls campground isn’t bad. They have wifi and okay facilities but nothing great.

Driftwood Beach is one of their most famous beaches. It’s nice to see for about 15 minutes but I can’t imagine hanging around all day. Jekyll’s other beaches are more open and more traditional beaches. We spent about half a day out on one of them. The sand is a bit hard and the water a bit murky if you’re used to the Gulf Coast but we still got in.


A bike path wraps around the whole island. We walked a little of it but couldn’t really take advantage of it with two kids in tow.


We ventured to nearby Brunswick to look around. It’s a small historic downtown with a few shops and cafes but didn’t have anything going on the Sunday morning we stopped by.


After Brunswick, we toured the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation. No huge antebellum home is here. They said it burned down long ago and the family moved into the guest house. The house tour is pretty decent. You can also walk through the servants quarters, old barns and of course many beautiful acres of pasture and planted oaks.

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Better then Jekyll, in my opinion, is Saint Simons Island. It’s a short drive and they have a lighthouse, a nice community pool, a small downtown and plenty of restaurants. Jekyll is a bit limited on what’s around but SSI seemed to have much more going on. We took advantage of everything I listed above.

Our last camping spot was Hunting Island. The island was nice but the campground was not. The facilities were bad but badly damaged by Hurricane Mathew, however, so new ones may be in the works. The beach is huge and the nighttime stars are some of the best I’ve seen. The lighthouse is only $2 a person to climb and well worth it.



Nearby is the Chapel of Ease, a historical site worth a quick stop.


Beaufort, SC is a really nice small town with much history. We walked round a bit, got hot, then drove around a bit. Anyone who loves The South will enjoy checking out Beaufort.

The Old Sheldon Church Ruins are just outside Beaufort and a must see for anyone passing through. This church has been burned down twice. A troubled history indeed.


The original plan was to camp at Skidaway island but were too tired and hot, Instead, we just stopped in Savanna and took a trolly tour of the city. It was nice to just sit down and take in so much without moving. The tour was expensive but worth it.

After Savanna we stopped in Liberty County, GA. What a nice southern place to be. It’s quiet with Spanish moss everywhere and one of the best seafood restaurants I’ve been, the Sunbury Crab Co. Everything we had there was really good. Liberty county also has an island full of lemurs! You heard that right. Lemurs. They’re wild and are left over from an old exotic animal sanctuary. Once we were done with dinner and checking out the area the trip was done. It was time for us to head home.


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