Cypress Springs



  • Very nice spring that’s warmer than others I’ve visited
  • You can only get there by water.  Directions at the bottom of post
  • Expect a crowd, a mostly very southern crowd
  • There is a canoe/kayak rental place nearby.  We brought our own but if you Google Holmes Creek canoe rentals I bet you’d find it.

Our Story:

“We went to Family Dollar, where’d y’all go?” That’s what a boy asked us as we kayaked passed he and his family on Holmes Creek. We’re all headed to Cypress Springs. They were slowly making their way upstream on little beach floats, apparently from the dollar store. This is after driving over an hour on the interstate, down a country highway, past some rough looking houses and finally putting our boat in the water at a public boat launch. All this hoping that out internet research and mapping pay off.

After launching, it was an easy upstream paddle to the spring. Once we got close enough we could hear the sound of fun in the not too far distance. Soon after the water turned from brown to blue. Then from blue to clear enough to see straight to the bottom no matter how deep the water, or so it seemed. I was surprised by how crowded an isolated spring was that day. The only way there is by boat unless you happen to know one of the couple people who own the surrounding private land. But by boat they came. Kayaks, canoes, bass boats and of course, floats.


A small beach is on one side but it was packed solid with people and boats. We kayaked to the spring head to take a look then tied off on the opposite side as the crowded beach. We were in the shade. From there, the swim to the spring head was only about 50 feet and the drop off was only about 10 feet away. Lindsay and I swam around a bit in the area. I liked the plant life in this spring. The grass beds are really nice to swim over but the best thing about this spring to me was the water temperate. I didn’t measure it but I know it was the warmest I’ve felt. That doesn’t mean it’s warm, just that I wasn’t shivering and scrambling for hot sun to get in after 30 seconds.

We did get cold enough to want to be in the sun after awhile though, so we made our way towards the beach area and just stood in the clear water not far off shore. From here we talked with some regulars and watched kids jump from a tall tree into the spring.

The recent bad weather stirred up a lot of sand and the creek wasn’t as clear as it normally is. We were told usually the entire stretch of the creek coming off of the spring is clear. We’ll put that to the test soon I’m sure.


How to get there:

  • Find Big Pine Boat Launch in Vernon, Fl. It’s down a road called Culpepper Ln and free.
  • Launch and paddle (or drive or try to float) UPSTREAM until you see a creek on your left. Go there.
  • Straight ahead is the spring head.


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  1. Sounds fun!

  2. Beautiful photos.

  3. Looked like an awesome day, pics and adventure! I’ll keep it in mind if in the area.

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