Drive Through Series: Florala, AL


Florala Alabama is the first recommended town in my Drive Through Series which will feature small towns you may pass through on your way to a larger destination. Florala is a very small town just north of the Alabama/ Florida line. If you want to spend more than a day I saw one bed a breakfast (that also offered Bible study) and a campground on Lake Jackson. For us, though, a few hours were enough to really let us have fun and see what Florala has to offer and I believe most anyone would enjoy a quick stop there.



  • Go to a boutique store downtown
  • Walk the boardwalk on Lake Jackson


We parked in a small gravel lot near the plane on display. Lake Jackson is a 500 acre that and had a nice breeze which waved the Spanish moss in the cypress trees. We decided to head toward the boardwalk first. The boardwalk isn’t very long but has several covered pavilions which overlook the lake. The boys watched boats and jet skis drive by as I took some pictures. The boardwalk sort of is a ‘P’ shape and we head out the way we entered. The path goes on for a total of 1.4 miles and has many picnic tables, covered pavilions, restroom facilities and swimming areas. We decided to eat lunch at one of the picnic tables overlooking the lake. I think this particular part of the part is a state park and they ask you to pay $.25 or $.50 a person to enter. My admission: we didn’t pay. But we weren’t there for long if that’s any justification. After lunch we returned to the car for more exploring.


We drove around and saw huge pillars on a street corner. They are from the original high school in Florala. The “new” school didn’t look that great itself. I hope they have another school somewhere else I just didn’t see. Looking at this is a reminder of what an academic disadvantage many in rural and small towns have. I doubt they have access to what kids have in more developed and certainly more affluent communities have. We turned around at the school and passed through the only stoplight in the town to find a spot to park.


It’s Sunday. Everyone must be in church because the streets are empty. Unlike many small towns, most of the stores here seem to have life in them during normal business hours. Florala isn’t a desolate ghost town. It’s just most of the stores weren’t open while we were there. The city is only a couple blocks long with a mini Flatiron Building and quite a few antique/consignment type stores. We went inside one called The One Eared Rabbit. I have to say it was one of the coolest of these types of stores I’ve been. It’s a huge store with plenty of antiques and they also make their own furniture. Good thing we drove my wife’s car instead of my truck or Lindsay would’ve spent plenty of money that day. I was lucky to just get out of there buying a $10 pair of sandals.

I see maybe two other shops open but we didn’t go in them. Instead, we stopped by the old train station for a few pictures and headed home. Really taking our time we maybe spent three hours. If you just wanted to drive though I’d recommend going in the One Eared Rabbit or maybe another boutique store on the downtown strip and take a stroll down the boardwalk. Both of those can be done in less than an hour on you way to….wherever. Happy travels down south and please leave a comment or feedback!






  1. What a sweet old town! And a great idea to do a Drive Through Series. How often do we drive through an interesting looking place and just don’t stop? All the time. Your guide will encourage us to stop and stay awhile, thanks!

  2. I certaintly would love to visit this place ! Seems to a small peaceful beautiful place .

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