Saint Francisville and The Myrtles

The Essentials:

  • Go here for sure
  • Stay at The Myrtles if you can
  • Tour Rosedown
  • Go downtown

Our Story:

I’m not sure I’ve met a person who’s seen pictures of St. Francisville and didn’t want to go see it for themselves.   If I did,   I wouldn’t trust that person.  Joking aside, this town is filled with huge plantation homes, bed and breakfasts,  historic churches and cemeteries and more moss filled oaks than you can imagine.

We stayed at The Myrtles.   It’s an old plantation built in 1796 turned B&B and allegedly filled with ghosts.   Now,   we didn’t actually stay in the old building but in one of the cabins in the back that are only four years old, not to say ghosts haven’t been spotted in them too.  The cabins are as nice as  luxury hotel room and perfect if you’re traveling with kids like us.  All overnight guests at the Myrtles get a tour of the home and an excellent breakfast included in the room rate.  There are other places to stay in town but this should be number one on your list.

We arrived early and ate lunch at The Magnolia Cafe.  The food was great, service was pretty good and it had a good authentic feel.

Next we arrived at The Myrtles.  We went on the last tour of the day.  The tour doesn’t last long and I’ll spare the ghostly and historical  details to not spoil your tour.  After the tour I took a bunch of pictures, Lindsay took a nap and the kids were probably running wild.


That night we had dinner at The Francis. I didn’t like the food or service and won’t go back and don’t recommend it.  Although the atmosphere is good.  Maybe I just caught it on a bad day.

Back at the plantation we went on a late night ghost hunt before heading to bed.

The next morning we had an excellent breakfast.  The biscuits alone are worth it.   We bought some stuff at the gift store and planned our day.

We went to downtown St Francisville next and stopped at an Episcopal church and cemetery for pictures.   I highly recommend stopping here.

Next we went to Grandmother’s Buttons for souvenirs on the recommendation of someone at the Myrtles.   It’s an old bank turned boutique store.  Lindsay spent too much money there.

The main event for this day, however,  was to tour Rosedown plantation.   It’s a state historic site now that’s been nicely preserved,  has much of the original furniture and 28 acres of beautiful gardens.   I really enjoyed the tour and walking the grounds.  Rosedown is a must see.


After the Rosedown tour we had lunch at a Mediterranean place called Al  Aqaba.   It was recommended and also highly rated on Trip Advisor. They brought out more food than we could eat and although it’s not the traditional kind of food I normally like I enjoyed it. We all did, actually.

I promised my boys we’d see a waterfall on this trip so we headed north to Mississippi to look for what I know as Tunica Falls. There is a natural area up there with many waterfalls.  One person said they followed the stream and counted 30.  We had time for two.  I carried all our supplies and water in a backpack plus a solid little three year old on my shoulders so this guy was quite tired after the hike.  They got their waterfall though.

I highly recommend Saint Francisville to anyone who loves the south.  This is a must see destination.


  1. Ah!!!! Loved all of the photos, especially the porches and trees, and places you visited. One of my husband and I’s first dates was with a group repelling at Tunica Falls. Brought back so many memories! And my grandfather passed 6 years ago and my favorite picture of my grandparents was taken in front of that church. Seeing that pic totally made me smile. You got some amazing photos. Thank you for sharing your trip!

  2. Thank you, Jen! It’s an amazing place and I can’t wait to go back. Glad it brought back good memories for you. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Absolutely stunning photos. You certainly captured the essence of St. Francisville. Wonderful post my love!

  4. Gorgeous, really extra beautiful pics. I love the one with the sign, Crepe Myrtle. Wonderful info 😀👍🏻

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